wheatgrass in a container

Can You Freeze Wheatgrass?

When you have leftover wheatgrass, it can be a little tricky to decide what to do with it. While some people throw it out, others find ways to use up …

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fresh onion soup

Can You Freeze Onion Soup?

Onion soup is a French specialty that’s easy to make at home. It’s a delicious way to use up those leftover baked potatoes, or serve it as an appetizer with …

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fresh celery juice

Can You Freeze Celery Juice?

Celery juice is made from the stalks of celery plants. It’s a popular ingredient in juices and smoothies, as well as a base for soups and salad dressings. Celery juice …

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tabasco hot sauce

Can You Freeze Hot Sauce?

Hot sauce is a condiment that adds spice and flavor to food. It’s made from chile peppers, which are dried and ground into powder, then mixed with vinegar, salt, and …

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steamed broccoli

Can You Freeze Steamed Broccoli?

There are few things that make me happier than steamed broccoli. It’s delicious and nutritious, which makes it one of the most versatile vegetables around. But while you can use …

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fresh grape juice in bottles

Can You Freeze Grape Juice?

Grape juice is the juice extracted from grapes. The seeds and skins are often included. The juice is often used as a sweetener in various beverages and dishes. Grape juice …

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fresh microgreens

Can You Freeze Microgreens?

If you’ve ever eaten microgreens, you know that they’re a special treat. They’re smaller and more delicate than their full-grown counterparts, which means they’re less bitter and more flavorful. Plus, …

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fresh watercress on a table

Can You Freeze Watercress?

Watercress is a leafy green vegetable that has a slightly peppery flavor and is often used in salads or sandwiches. Like most greens, watercress tends to not last very long …

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ripen star fruit

Can You Freeze Star Fruit?

Star fruit, otherwise known as carambola, is a tropical fruit that’s part of the citrus family. It has a sweet-tart taste similar to kumquat or grapefruit, and its shape makes …

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