Can You Eat Green Mango

Can You Eat Green Mango?

Green mango is simply a mango that is unripe. You may have seen them sold in grocery stores, especially in Asian grocery stores. If you’ve never eaten green mangoes before, …

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Can You Eat Weasel

Can You Eat Weasel?

Weasels are small mammals that live in North America and Europe. Their fur is brown with white stripes on their bodies, and they can grow up to 19 inches long. …

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can you eat okra flowers

Can You Eat Okra Flowers?

If you have an okra plant growing in your garden, you may have noticed that it has tiny white flowers on top of the plant. These flowers are pretty, but …

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Can You Eat Cucumber Seeds

Can You Eat Cucumber Seeds?

One of the most consumed veggies worldwide and a vegetable with a huge variety of uses is the cucumber. Most people will eat the cucumber whole, but what about the …

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Can You Eat Piranha

Can You Eat Piranha?

The piranha is a ferocious and aggressive fish. They are known for their sharp teeth and voracious appetite. They have a reputation for attacking and devouring flesh, even those of …

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Can You Eat Wild Garlic

Can You Eat Wild Garlic?

If you’ve ever foraged wild plants and herbs in the woods, then you’ve probably come across some wild garlic. You might have even smelled it—it’s one of the first scents …

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Can You Eat Walleye

Can You Eat Walleye?

The walleye is a freshwater fish that lives in the Great Lakes. It’s also known by other names, such as yellow pike and pickerel. This tasty fish is widely available …

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Can You Eat Honey Bees

Can You Eat Honey Bees?

Honey bees are a common sight in the garden, but what about on your plate? Can you eat honey bees? And should you? Let’s take a look! Can You Eat …

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Can You Eat Raw Squid

Can You Eat Raw Squid?

Squid is a delicious, nutritious seafood that can be prepared in any number of ways. It’s also one of the easiest fish to cook: most recipes call for simply boiling …

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