How Long Do Baked Potatoes Last In The Fridge?

A baked potato is a delicious side dish and can be served hot or cold. In addition to being a delicious side dish, baked potatoes are also packed with nutrients. However, you should only eat them if they are fresh and have not been refrigerated for too long.

How Long Do Baked Potatoes Last In The Fridge?

Baked potatoes last for about 3-4 days in the fridge. After about 4 days, they will begin to lose their taste and texture and should be discarded. Store them in a container with a lid so they don’t dry out too much while they’re in there. Make sure the container has room for some air circulation, though—you don’t want your potatoes getting all gross and soggy from being wrapped up tightly!

How Long Do Baked Potatoes Last at Room Temperature?

Baked potatoes are safe to eat for only 2 hours after they have been cooked if it’s left at room temperature. This is due to the fact that they can become contaminated with bacteria when exposed to warm temperatures.

If you know you’re not going to eat your baked potatoes within 2 hours, it’s recommended to store them in the fridge.

Do Baked Potatoes Go Bad In The Fridge?

The short answer is yes. Baked potatoes go bad in the fridge, and they do so fairly quickly especially if it’s not stored properly

The longer answer is that baked potatoes are edible up to four days after they’re cooked, but they don’t taste very good after that time. The starch in potatoes turns into sugar, which makes them taste sweet and starchy at best and bitter at worst.

How to Tell if Baked Potatoes Has Gone Bad

If you think that your potato has gone bad, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Mold growing on the skin of the potato. If you see any mold on the skin of your potato, toss it in the trash immediately!
  • Signs of decay on the surface of your baked potato. If there are dark spots or soft areas that feel mushy, then this means that your baked potato is going bad.
  • The smell of a decaying baked potato is unmistakable (and not pleasant). As soon as you notice an off smell coming from inside your fridge door, throw out whatever questionable foods may be hiding in there too!

How To Store Baked Potatoes In The Fridge

When it comes to storing baked potatoes in the fridge, the process is fairly easily. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Allow the baked potatoes to cool to room temperature first. If you store the potatoes while it’s still hot, condensation will form and will cause the potatoes to become soggy.

Step 2: Wrap each potato in aluminum foil, then place them in a plastic bag. You can also use a bowl or container with a tight-fitting lid to store them in the refrigerator.

Some people recommend that you wrap the potato with paper towels before placing it in the refrigerator, but I’ve never found this necessary and don’t recommend it unless your potato has been cut open and exposed to air (in which case you should also cover it with foil).

Step 3: It’s best to store baked potatoes in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator, not on top of other food items like fruits or veggies that emit ethylene gas which causes premature spoilage of your potatoes (and other foods).

If you want to store your baked potatoes for longer than a few days, place them in the freezer instead of refrigerating them — they will keep for about six months if wrapped properly!

How To Keep Baked Potatoes In The Fridge Fresh Longer

Baked potatoes are easy to make and can be a great addition to your meal plan. If you’re looking for ways to save time and money in the kitchen, baked potatoes are a great option. However, it’s important that you know how to store them properly so they don’t go bad before you have a chance to eat them.

Here are some tips on how to keep baked potatoes fresh longer:

Tip 1: Cool Baked Potatoes Properly

Cool baked potatoes before storing in the refrigerator because hot potatoes will sweat and become soggy, which will cause them to spoil faster. After baking your potatoes, let them cool for at least 15 minutes before covering them with aluminum foil or plastic wrap; this will help retain moisture so they don’t dry out while waiting for supper.

Tip 2: Store Baked Potatoes In Plastic Wrap Or A Plastic Bag

Wrapping baked potatoes in plastic wrap or putting them into a plastic bag will help keep them fresh longer because the plastic container will lock in moisture and prevent air from reaching the surface of the potato skin as well as keeping out airborne bacteria that could potentially make you sick if consumed raw (such as E. coli).

Tip 3: Refrigerate Baked Potatoes Right After Cooking

If you know you won’t be eating the baked potatoes after it’s cooked, it’s a good idea to refrigerate them right away. The quickly you store them in the fridge, the longer they will stay fresh.

However, just make sure that the potatoes are cooled to room temperature before storing them in the fridge. You don’t want soggy potatoes later on due to the condensation forming.

Can You Freeze Baked Potatoes?

You can freeze baked potatoes, but they tend to turn out mushy if you leave them frozen for too long. The best way to freeze a baked potato is by wrapping it in aluminum foil before putting it in the freezer. This will help protect the potato from getting freezer burn and keep its freshness for longer.

The best way to reheat a frozen baked potato is by leaving it at room temperature for about 3 hours before heating it up (this helps ensure that your taters won’t be soggy or gummy). Then microwave them on high for 5-7 minutes until heated through (or bake in the oven at 400°F).


Now that you know how to store baked potatoes, it’s time to get cooking! You can bake them in the oven or microwave, whichever is easier for your kitchen setup. Just remember that baked potatoes should be kept away from other foods so as not to cross-contaminate them with any bacteria or mold spores that may have grown on the potato skin during cooking. Also, make sure that when storing baked potatoes in the fridge, eat them within 4 days for the best freshness.