How Long Can Sushi Sit Out?

Sushi is delicious and healthy, but it’s also highly perishable. If you don’t store it properly, your sushi can go bad quickly.

How Long Can Sushi Sit Out?

When it comes to sushi, the best way to enjoy it is fresh. Both cooked and uncooked sushi should be eaten within 2 hours if it’s left out of the fridge. If the room temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you should consume sushi within 1 hour.

Why Does Sushi Go Bad Quickly?

The main reason why sushi goes bad quickly is that its raw fish. Raw fish has a higher risk for food poisoning than cooked meat, and that makes it an even more important factor to consider when trying to keep your sushi fresh.

Raw fish is also very susceptible to bacterial growth, so if you don’t plan on eating your sushi right away, make sure that you store it properly. If possible, keep it refrigerated at all times until you’re ready to eat it.

If you can’t do that, wrap the sushi tightly in plastic wrap before storing it in a Ziploc baggie or Tupperware container. This will help prevent moisture from seeping into the rice and killing off any bacteria that may be present on the surface of the fish itself.

How Can You Tell If Sushi Is Spoiled?

As you can see, sushi is a wonderful food that can be enjoyed by anyone. However, it’s important to know how long your sushi has been sitting out before you eat it so that you don’t get sick from spoiled fish or rice.

Look at the color of the fish. if it looks discolored or off in any way (e.g., green), don’t eat it! That means something went wrong during preparation and could make you very sick if consumed raw or undercooked.

Check out how red/pink your tuna looks. If it’s brownish, this may indicate an older cut of meat which could potentially harbor bacteria such as listeria–another reason why not to eat raw fish!

Smell all varieties before consuming them. if they smell bad (like ammonia) then avoid eating them altogether because they may have gone bad over time due to improper storage conditions after being prepared at home by someone else who didn’t know how long was too long until now either!

Storing Sushi At Room Temperature

Sushi is best eaten right after it’s made. If for some reason you need to keep them stored at room temperature, it’s a good idea that you know how to store them properly.

Store it in a loose plastic bag with an airtight seal. This keeps out excess moisture and helps keep the rice from sticking together.

Cover a plate with plastic wrap before placing your sushi on top of it so that no moisture gets into your roll. Leave the wrap on until you’re ready to eat — this will prevent it from getting soggy or sticky while sitting out on your countertop.

Is It Safe To Eat Sushi That Was Left Out Overnight?

If you have any sushi that was left out overnight, discard them immediately.

The reason for this is that sushi is prepared by using raw fish and seafood, which contain bacteria.

After the sushi has been sitting at room temperature overnight, most likely the bacteria will multiply in great numbers. By eating sushi, it’s highly that you will get food poisoning.

How Long Can You Store Sushi In The Fridge?

Sushi has a shelf life of around two days in the refrigerator. The fish may still be good after this, but the rice will be dry and hard by then. It’s best to eat sushi within 48 hours of making it so that you can enjoy the freshest flavor possible.

When storing them in the fridge, I recommend that you store the sushi in a container with a lid. This will prevent the sushi from drying out.


Sushi is delicious and healthy to eat, and it’s best to eat them right away after it’s made. If you need to store them at room temperature, but sure to keep them wrapped in plastic wrap or in a container with a lid. In addition, if it’s going to be more than 2 hours, place the sushi in the fridge to prevent bacteria contamination.