How Long Can Strawberries Sit Out?

Strawberries are one of the most famous summertime fruits. They’re sweet, delectable, and packed with nutrients. When you buy strawberries, you may wonder how long they can sit out before going bad.

How Long Can Strawberries Sit Out?

Strawberries can sit out for up to 3 days. If the strawberries have been sliced, they should not be left out for more than 2 hours. Because the fruit is high in sugar and water, it spoils rapidly.

Why Do Strawberries Go Bad So Quickly?

Strawberries contain 75% water and 25% sugar. Since they are so high in moisture content, they spoil quickly because bacteria will grow faster in a moist environment than in other foods.

Bacteria feed on sugars and create lactic acid as a by-product. The lactic acid can change the flavor of your strawberries and cause them to spoil faster than usual.

How Can You Tell If Strawberries Are Spoiled?

Strawberries are fragile fruit that can spoil quickly. Look at the color, scent, and texture of your strawberries to see if they are spoiled.


Strawberry skin changes color as it ripens. Strawberries start out with a greenish-white skin that turns red as they ripen. If you see any mold on your strawberries or they have turned brown, this is an indication that the fruit has gone bad. A healthy strawberry should be bright red with no spots or discoloration.


A good way to test for spoiled berries is by smell alone. If your berries have an off odor or smell like vinegar, then they are probably spoiled and should be discarded immediately.


You can also test for rotten strawberries by feeling them with your fingers — if they’re mushy then they’ve gone bad! You’ll want to avoid buying any berries that feel slimy when you handle them because this means there’s been some water damage due to poor storage conditions and microbes may have invaded the fruit’s cells resulting in spoilage.

Storing Strawberries At Room Temperature

Strawberries can be kept at room temperature if they are not sliced. They should be kept cool and dry, away from intense sunlight and strong odors.

You can keep them in a basket or a bowl covered by a paper towel. This will prevent flies and other insects from eating the fruit.

Is It Safe To Eat Strawberries That Were Left Out Overnight?

It will depend on whether the strawberries are cut or not. If the fruit has been cut, you should not eat them if it’s been left overnight. More than likely, the strawberries will be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

On the hand, if the strawberries have not been cut, it is safe to eat those left out overnight.

How Long Do Strawberries Last In The Fridge?

Strawberries can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. They should be stored in a crisper drawer, away from other fruits that may cause them to spoil more quickly.

Wash your strawberries only when you’re ready to consume them; washing removes some of their natural antioxidants and causes them to spoil more quickly.


Strawberries are best kept in the refrigerator after it’s harvested. If you need to store them at room temperature, be sure it is stored from direct sunlight and heat, and not for longer than 3 days.