freshly made pad thai

Is Pad Thai Spicy?

Pad Thai is a famous dish originating from Thailand. If you’ve never had this dish before, you maybe tempted to try some. Before you do, you may wonder if pad …

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Can You Eat Lobster Claws

Can You Eat Lobster Claws?

If you’ve ever eaten a lobster, then you’re aware that there’s more to the seafood than just the tail. The claws is another part of the lobster that has a …

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Can You Eat Avocado Skin?

Avocado skin is the outermost layer of the avocado fruit, and it’s what gives avocados their signature green color. While it may seem like a waste to throw away the …

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Can You Eat Crab Shells

Can You Eat Crab Shells?

If you’ve ever been to a crab feast, it’s no secret that people love eating meat from crabs. But what about the shells? Are they just for decoration or can …

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Can You Eat Guinea Fowls

Can You Eat Guinea Fowls?

Guinea Fowls are the most common game birds in West Africa. They are relatively easy to raise, and they can be fed on scraps from the table. If you’re raising …

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Can You Eat Lemon Zest

Can You Eat Lemon Zest?

Lemon is a yellow citrus fruit and is generally known for its pleasant, sour taste. The fruit is usually squeezed and the juice is used to make drinks and added …

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Can You Eat Magnolia Leaves

Can You Eat Magnolia Leaves?

Magnolias are one of the most iconic plants in the world. They can be found growing in gardens, parks, and forests all around the world. As for the leaves of …

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Can You Eat Pacu Fish

Can You Eat Pacu Fish?

Pacu fish are one of the most interesting fish you can find on the market. They’re huge and often mistaken for piranhas. While they don’t have razor-sharp teeth like their …

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